Our club fosters appreciation of community by drawing together and supporting members wishing to explore and learn new creative skills within a welcoming and kind environment.


Our Beginning

The group was established in 1988, and rebooted in 2018 to introduce the community to a variety of programs and open studios to encourage and aid professional development, providing opportunities for our local community to participate in Arts and Cultural Activities.

We believe in supporting building a healthy community and strengthening its well-being and safety.


“Through exploring clay, being supportive and social, our community will thrive.”

— Cath carroll, president


The group respects Quandamooka Country and the Traditional Owners ongoing custodian of Quandamooka land and waters. It works within the community to ensure wider understanding and respect for all those who cherish Quandamooka country ensuring we work and reflect together for the future through respectful interaction with each other and our craft. Our values of care and respect extend to people of all ages, cultures, abilities and needs.

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Our Mission

The pottery offers Dunwich and the extended Island community a creative and social hub.

We offer new skills, aid in the creation of small business opportunities and offer an outlet to explore ones creativity through quality educational experiences, support local designer/makers.

Social Communities Thrive. Our weekly open studios offer the opportunity for uninhibited interaction among our members of all ages, cultures and abilities.

Pottery is the perfect way to integrate self-care and creativity into your daily life. Embrace the therapeutic effects of experimenting with clay and understand how it can become a crucial element in maintaining ones well-being, and alleviating anxiety, depression and stress.

Pottery connects us back to the earth when our fast-paced technological culture takes hold. Since our finger tips contain some of the densest areas of nerve endings on the human body, simply playing with clay and stimulating the pressure points in our hands can have therapeutic benefits.

Clay also provides a natural way to connect with body and breath – the malleability and immediacy of the material naturally integrates the mind-body connection, something much needed in our often hectic lives.


The extremely successful relaunch of The North Stradbroke Island Arts and Pottery Group in 2017 has created a much cherished and frequently utilized creative space for island residents to explore and develop creative skills, friendship and support at our pottery fraternity.

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Get Involved

We have two types of membership.

Active and Supportive.

Active members

Individuals wishing to use our space must complete our eight week introductory course. After completion of our induction course, our active members are free to work on their own projects during open studio times. Our active membership is payable bi-annually.

Support members

Open to those in our community and afar that understand the importance of community groups are able to support us by paying a $25 yearly membership. This helps pay for clay and other expenses.

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